How to Downgrade to the old Windows on Windows 10

In a few days the release of Windows 10, Windows 10 million computers were upgraded. Some people really like the new Windows, some people hate it too. Place your likes and dislikes, but now it will be available only for Windows not only stores the computers were installed in Windows 10, Windows 8 will be available.
For Windows 10 upgrade was so successful that it was real and fake all available free for Windows. During the upgrade the user’s Windows settings, installed programs and drivers still exist. Without any problems the users have moved to the new Windows.

Microsoft to upgrade Windows 10 for consumers to return the door did not close, but if you upgrade within 30 days of the old windows, which had existed before Windows upgrade, it can return. Certainly a very good step because many users preferred to go back to the old windows. Whether it should not be the reason behind the choice of Windows 10 or Windows 10 system incompatible hardware.
As we mentioned, Windows 7 and 8, the Windows 10 upgrade after easily back to the old operating system can be brought, but on the condition that after the upgrade option in a month, it may have been, Otherwise, the return will not be possible. Therefore, make sure that within thirty days of Windows 10 you have the option to stay or return.

Suppose you plan to return to work, then let us tell you how it can be brought to completion. First, Windows 10, be sure to backup your important files the return journey they will be lost. Operating System Upgrade and Downgrade two cases in which user data can be lost before the backup job is important.
When you install Windows 10 on an old Windows computer are saved in a folder called Windows.old. Although it uses some storage, but must return it because the door is open. Let us now look at the door to see that the return trip to be fixed.
Windows 10 downgrade within 30 days

For starting of this first clicking the Start button, click on Settings. If you open the settings click on the Update & Security. The next step is left to see a list of options. An option in the Recovery (Recovery) the option also exists and that we need to click on it.


If you see very useful in recovery options are available. The first option Reset this PC. If you are running Windows 10 correctly through this option you can update it once. It’s no refresh is not recycled will be installed such as Windows 10, so it was a problem during the upgrade, then it would be fine.

The second option, ‘Go back-to-Windows” (Go back to Windows) is. If the aim is to upgrade Windows for free our search was the option. Go back to your old windows at the bottom of this option button “Get started”, click on.
During the installation of Windows on the laptop must have a charging similar downgrade is also mandatory, but if you are using a laptop when it first must take charge option, otherwise it will not work will.

If I click on the option before the end of that will be asked why you want to go back to the old Windows? Your feedback would be very valuable to Microsoft for whatever reason you think is right to indicate that you can click on the Next button.

During the process of downgrading you will have many opportunities to avoid it that you intend to downgrade from Windows 10 to suspend the use, right, or if you change your mind and move forward. Here are several key things you should know, for example, during the process of downgrading your installed several programs can be lost. If no Windows password will also be lost. Moreover, the main problem is that if you had a license Windows so they can be finished, ie Windows Active weightlifting weightlifting activist must be so again.


During the Windows 10 upgrade was enough to downgrade, so now would be too time-consuming to leave you sitting comfortably runs after jayyn.kam you will see that the old Windows you System has come back.

Second solution:

Downgrade to Windows 10, another great solution to ‘go back system, is available free in the case. This program except Windows 7 and 8 on Windows XP can use. It is very easy to use, it’s only your current operating system so that the backup can be stored at any relays. Thus limiting the imprisonment ends the case.
For example, if you are going to upgrade to Windows 7 are 10 already, go back system, install and make a backup of Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10, you can now use it to back up just a few clicks whenever Windows 7 can come back.
This program can be downloaded free from the link is:

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